Children's Ministry


Children's Ministry

Our Mission

To cultivate and inspire a life-long passion for Jesus in the hearts of our children.

Our Vision

The children’s ministry of The Gathering at Brock is a ministry based not on programs or events, but on life changing encounters with God.  It is a ministry filled with God’s love and power, solidly grounded in the Word of God, resulting in our kids’ lives being marked for eternity because of their developing personal relationship with Jesus. It is a ministry with a goal of a 0% drop-out rate that desires to see every child we are blessed with so changed that they walk with God their entire lives. As our children’s lives are changed, their families, communities, and ultimately the world are also transformed and reached with the Gospel because of the unmistakable power and love of God displayed in the lives of our kids. 


Foundational Truths

  • Each child in our care is loved by God now. 
  • Each child in our care is loved by our church now. 
  • Each child in our care is needed by our church now. 
  • Each child in our care can know and experience God now. 
  • Each child in our care can be used by God now. 
  • Each child in our care can make an impact on the world now. 

Key Elements

  • Multi-Generational Discipleship
  • Interacting with and learning about God’s word
  • Building godly relationships through fun and play in safe spaces
  • Genuine encounters with the Holy Spirit
  • Opportunities to show God’s love to others


Check-in time for all classrooms is approximately 15 minutes before service starts.

When you sign you child in you will be given a "security stub."  To ensure the safety of the children, you must present the "security stub" when you return to pick up your child.

Safety and Health

We require all our volunteers to be trained and screened and maintain strict teacher-to-child ratios to ensure safe care. For health standards, children must be free from fever or symptoms of contagious disease for 24 hours. Let us know of any allergies or medical conditions your child may have.

Wednesday Night Kidz

Our theme for the fall is "Braving the Wild." We will be looking at men and women of the Bible who faced impossible things and walked away changed forever by God's power. 

For more info about Wednesday Night Kidz, click here.

For more info:

Lauren Calhoun // 817-559-4508 //