Zion Kiel


Zion Kiel

Zion Kiel, a beloved young man in our church family, has been diagnosed with leukemia. His family has attended The Gathering for some time now and his mother, Kellie, leads worship with Randy often; and Zion's dad, Eric, serves in the sound booth. We praise God that the type of leukemia that Zion has been diagnosed with has available treatment and a high cure rate according to the physicians. However, the chemotherapy treatment is intensive, difficult and lengthy. I know your heart is filling with compassion as you read this, but please try to resist the temptation to contact them right now. They are inundated with communication at this time and we want to give them some space as they rally together and seek God's direction and best care for Zion.

Here's how you can help, please sign up for prayer and fasting times:

24-Hour prayer for Zion (pray at the same time each day for 15 min):


30-Day fasting for Zion: