We are excited that you are interested in volunteering at The Gathering.

From loving on children, to making coffee, Sunday mornings are full of opportunities to serve God's people and use the gifts God has given you! And, if you have ever served before, you know the bigger blessing comes from giving than receiving. Where do you feel the most called to volunteer? Contact the person, from the list below, to get more information and how you can help. 



From setting up chairs, to preparing the lobby area, as well as making sure everything is taken down and put away, getting our worship area ready for Sunday morning is important. Contact JEFF HOPKINS : 817-901-6564. 


 Worship is a vital piece of our preparation to hear the Word spoken, on Sunday mornings. And, creating an atmosphere,  that takes our eyes off of ourselves, and centers them on Christ, takes selfless people, giving their time, through running the words of the songs for the screen, running the camera for the Live Stream, or working the sound board. Contact RANDY WOOD: 817-598-8022.


Our children are one of our greatest investments, for the Kingdom, and stewarding their hearts is a big responsibility. From teaching elementary-aged children about God's love for them, to rocking a baby, as they sleep, there is a place for each person, in our children's building, on Sunday mornings. Our Wednesday Night Kids ministry gives children, ages Kindergarten through 5th grade, a night of fun, a good dinner, and learning who God is, and how much He loves them. They need caring adults showing them kindness through serving dinner and helping with activities. Contact LAUREN CALHOUN: 817-559-4508.


A smiling, welcoming face makes all the difference, on Sunday mornings, especially to new faces, to our church. There's nothing like being one of the first persons to remind people they are seen, valued, and we are so glad they are joining us, for Worship. Contact ASHLEY BYARS: 817-304-1194.


From our Table events, every three months, to our annual Women Gathering event, every February, investing in other women will never leave you unsatisfied. There's a place for every woman, to give her time, from providing meals to families in need, to praying over women registered for an event. Contact JAYME WOOD: 817-341-9129.