House of Worship Guidelines


House of Worship Guidelines

Hello Church Family, peace and joy to you in Jesus' Name.

We're meeting together this Sunday, May 3rd! Praise Yahweh, the Most High! We will have Holy Communion available for you, in celebration of us getting to meet together again. I am so proud of you all and how you have persevered in the faith, during this time. You are such a blessing to Jill and I. 

Here are the details for this Sunday:

  • we will have two services in the gym to accommodate social distancing, for ages under 65, at 9am and noon
  • we humbly request faithful attendees to come at noon, to create room in the 9am service
  • live stream will continue for those who don't feel comfortable attending 
  • no childcare and no food or drinks will be provided
  • individuals who are ill or have compromised health, are highly encouraged to stay home
  • there will be a 5pm service for ages 65 and older, in the children's building, worship center
  • masks are not mandatory but the governor has asked us to "consider" wearing them (we have a limited amount of cloth masks, available for those who need them, upon request)
  • families (or those attending together) should sit together, with two chairs between groups, to create proper distance

I am appealing for all us to have grace towards one another during this time. For some it is too soon and for others it comes too late. For some, these restrictions are seen as wisdom while others see them as unnecessary or unjust. There is no pressure for anyone to come or stay away. We will not be offended when others keep us at a distance out of precaution, and no one should feel judged for precautions they feel necessary. We will follow the Spirit's lead and be most concerned about pleasing our Father. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have. I love you all and am excited to worship Him with you.


Jesse Tunnell

Pastor, The Gathering