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House Churches

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God is all about family. He is our Father and since losing Adam and Eve to sin, He's been pursuing us and doing everything possible to bring us back into His family. the Bible teaches us that God puts lonely people into family through the blood of Jesus. We live in a culture that deeply lacks personal relationship and connection. That is why a program of small groups will never satisfy. Please join us as we seek to produce spiritual families. Here, we will journey together through great victory and great sorrow modeling Acts 2-4, as we live out spiritual family.

Current House Churches:


Sundays at 1:00 {youth}

Pastors: Bryson & Tiffany Clark

Contact: 817-565-8745

Sundays at 5:30

Pastors: Jesse & Jill Tunnel and Josh & Heather Winbourn

Contact: 817-771-8923

Wednesdays at 6:00

Pastors: Jeff & Lauren Hopkins and Derek & Rachel Berg

Contact: 817- 901-6564

Wednesdays At 6:00

Pastors: Brad & Valery Crawford and Ryan & Rhea Yaple 

Contact: 817-597-9468

Wednesdays at 6:00

Pastors: Mike & Candi Wiley and Claude & Anna Jackson

Contact: 817-597-9550

Wednesdays at 6:30

Pastors: Randy & Anne Hulme

Contact: 817-773-2402

Thursdays at 7:00 {Young adults}

Pastors: Ryan & Ashley Byars and Noah & Kendall Hopkins

Contact: 817-304-1194

Saturdays at 6:00

Pastors: DanE & Lanessa Cokenour and Win & Sherry Brown

Contact: 817-597-6678



Please feel free to contact a House Church pastor if you are interested in joining their group. If you have questions about House Churches, feel free to contact Win Brown at 817-521-3143.